The company “Vek” (Century) was established on 13.03.1992 and it is specialized in the production of hotel supplies. The company is the first one to introduce the concept of “hotel supplies” and during the past 18 years it successfully established this concept and made it popular on the market. Today, everybody understands that these are single-use disposable items. They are used in the room, in the bathroom and lobby of hotels and holiday villages. These items bear the hotel trademark and the company style. As an addition to the interior and the level of comfort offered, these items contribute to a large extent to the increase in the hotel standard and image.

By choosing “Vek” you will benefit from the following:

        Our long-term experience, highly qualified staff and the uncompromised aspiration to professionalism and quality of the products motivates us to develop, manufacture and offer the maximum possible variety of products, which satisfy all needs of hotels of different categories.

        Our company has its own production and storage facility with an area of 3000 square meters, reconstructed and equipped in accordance with the European standards.

         This provides us with the opportunity to:

  • fulfil any request of the customer within minimum periods (5 to 10 days)
  • offer the best possible prices for the high quality products manufactured by us
  • present a portfolio of high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials.

With special care for our customers, “Vek” established its own design studio, so that it can offer unique solutions to each customer. In order to emphasize the individual style (regardless of the hotel level and the quantity of products ordered), our designers will develop a vision that will match the style of your hotel in the best possible way, completely free of charge!

Our dedication and willingness to be 100% effective for our customers has helped us gain more than 300 partners among hotels and corporate customers. Our efforts have been rewarded with long-term partnership relations with some of the largest hotels both in Bulgaria and abroad.



It all started in March 1992 when Vek – Hotel Accessories was established with a clear vision set forth to its team: to become the leading manufacturer of hotel accessories in Bulgaria. 20 years we have been investing in development and cutting-edge technology. We have acquired highly efficient equipment and machinery.